Discover the Top 10 Picks in Clean Beauty: Red Hot Monde Magazine’s Exclusive Roundup for February 2024!

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This Valentine’s Day we interviewed Cassandra McClure, a celebrity makeup artist and seasoned clean beauty brand strategist, to share her top 10 spa-at-home products that are professional-grade, high quality, and yet available to consumers at affordable prices. These products are featured in her award winning ‘Clean Beauty Kit’.

From skincare essentials to fragrant indulgences, each item embodies efficacy, ease of use, and a touch of luxury, ensuring every woman can effortlessly achieve their desired beauty goals. Catch Cassandra on tour and experience the products for yourself in the following cities:

March 19 – LA SoCal Wellness Summit, L.A.
April 5 – The London, West Hollywood
April 6 – Mom 2.0 Summit, Nashville, TN
April 7, 9 – INNOCOS, Napa
May 8, 9 – Vegan Women’s Summit, Los Angeles
June 22-24 – IECSC, Las Vegas
June 28 – Sofitel, Beverly Hills
December 6 – SLS Hotel, Beverly Hills

Chella stands out as the top pick for discerning spa-goers in search of vegan cosmetics, lauded for its unmatched proficiency in eyebrow care. Available in renowned hotel spas, Chella’s Eyebrow Cream exemplifies their dedication to professional-grade, cruelty-free beauty, ensuring impeccable results with each use. Catch Chella at the Vegan Women’s Summit in L.A., where attendees can indulge in sample beauty treatments firsthand.

Innersense Organic Beauty was the only brand that effectively cleared up all my scalp psoriasis. Their gluten-free haircare is essential for me, and Innersense delivers on that front. It embodies the perfect blend of health, beauty, and sustainability. With a legacy stretching back to 2006, this family-operated brand stays true to its mission of providing clean, planet-friendly beauty solutions. It’s no wonder Innersense has become a cherished staple in both salon treatments and everyday showers around the globe.

Lunaescent redefines professional skincare application with its revolutionary touch-free tool. Endorsed by leading clean beauty brands such as Codex Labs and utilized in med spas across the country, its medical-grade silicone applicator ensures effortless, sterile cleaning, ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Beyond its hygienic benefits, Lunaescent’s versatility shines through, offering cool firming massages and invigorating warming treatments, enriching every facial experience with a touch of luxury.

Eves & Co’s pure Coconut Apricot Wax candles and candle warmers stand out as my top choice for spas and salons aiming to cultivate a toxin-free ambiance. These candles infuse spaces with an aura of purity and tranquility, elevating the wellness journey for clients. Particularly beneficial for individuals sensitive to potent fragrances, like myself, Eves & Co’s offers a serene and harmonious environment to relax and rejuvenate.

This product offers the sensation of makeup while doubling as a hydrating lotion, providing the perfect touch of sheen. Corsica Scents presents a professional bodycare line that’s gentle enough for my toddler, featuring spill-proof, conveniently packaged formulas that effortlessly melt onto the skin, indulging users in a luxurious sensory journey. A must-have for those seeking to elevate their self-care routine.

Viking Beauty Secrets earns my top accolades with its multi-award winning Face Scrub, standing as my favorite European product on the market. Enriched with the nourishing essence of raspberry seed oil, rowanberries, and Icelandic black volcanic sand, this scrub delicately purifies and cleanses the skin, unveiling a radiant complexion and delivering a truly transformative skincare experience.

Immunocologie utilizes the potency of French green clay, infused with 12 essential minerals, to combat skin stress, purify, and bolster resilience against contemporary stressors. A fusion of innovation and luxury, the expanding, Self-Heating, Hydrating, and stimulating Lava Sheet Mask transcends conventional skincare boundaries. The Lava mask gently expands, self-heats, and hydrates, delivering a true spa-at-home experience. With each use, it stimulates the senses and revitalizes the complexion, redefining the art of self-care in skincare.

Arousal’s essence speaks through sensation, and this scientifically-advanced brand offers a range of feminine care and personal products attuned to this language. The Love Oil, in particular, is meticulously crafted to sync with your body chemistry, awakening a unique aphrodisiac scent. With each application, these oils kindle passion and intimacy, ensuring your love life stays ablaze with desire.

The pinnacle of skincare innovation with precision-dosed skincare complete with refillable packaging. A breakthrough in ingredient preservation technology designed to shield against oxidation and degradation, guaranteeing the potency of every application. Featuring the highest quality clinical-grade ingredients including Retinol, Vitamin C, CoQ10, and beyond, this breakthrough in beauty ensures optimal effectiveness and longevity.

Juice Beauty’s Prebiotix SPF 45 Glow Daily Multi-Tasking Moisturizer is my top pick for those seeking sun protection without compromise. Its lightweight, hydrating formula, enriched with natural mineral zinc, ensures a glowing complexion without any whitecast. As a pioneer in clean, organic beauty, Juice sets the standard.

Cover Photo: Maria Larionova
Makeup Artist: Aleksandra Trisheva
Cover Model: Cassandra McClure
Jewelry: Rosalina Lydster

Photos of the products courtesy of the above mentioned brands.

Written by Cassandra McClure.