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Dress: DO LONG @dolongofficial
Heels: Tina Maria Shoes @tinamariashoes

Julia Sophia Ryu: Cosmic Love

Dive into the lush depth of her poem, as she rises from the waters of transformation to embody the essence of divine love.

Musings on love.. by a Muse:

Dress: Isabelle Fajardo @isfcouture
Headpiece: Agata Karobka @agata.karobka from @thearchshow
Gloves: Adolfo Sanchez @asanchezfashion

Dress: DO LONG @dolongofficial
Heels: Tina Maria Shoes @tinamariashoe

There are no straightforward words to describe what has moved me for years, but I will choose “love” as the name for an experience that moves through me, originating from a place outside of time that I call The Beyond. I feel a roar that will not be silenced within me, a beautiful and excruciating awareness of my life path in this fleeting human vessel. That calling is to imbue myself and the world around me in a bath of golden light, to render beautiful every tiny interaction, every gentle touch of a flower, every rapturous attention from my man. Sometimes I feel like I am a reminder of a deeper pulse of desire that drives creation. I visualize myself as a lush and wet pond in a concrete jungle, nourishing the roots of my Earth Titan and shining my light as a black-gold sunrise.

Dress: VASEGHIA @vaseghia
Corset: 0770 @0770_
Earrings: VERONICA THARMALINGAM @veronicatharmalingam

Dress: Isabelle Fajardo @isfcouture
Earrings: Nico Design @nicodesignsicily

I realized this past year that to fulfill my purpose, I must close the gap between my vessel and the Beyond and this means choosing a life of unique solitude, away from external inputs. I needed to expand my capacity to hold this energy and sensation without dissolving. I am here to become love, to be a portal.

Dress: Maya Seyferth @maya_seyferth_official
Earrings: Atra Nova By Sheila B. @atranova_by_sheilab

Dress: VASEGHIA @vaseghia
Corset: DIANA COUTURE by Diana M Putri @dianamputri
Earrings: Elisheva and Constance @elisheva.and.constance
Boots: Jonak @jonak

So, in the creative space of this photoshoot, we decided to capture a deep and smoldering feminine embodiment, at ease in the light and fully at home in the dark. She has accepted the truth of her power, of her capability and her sovereignty — after all, the essence of the feminine is darkness and multiplicity. The void of creation, the destruction of all that is not love. Irreducible to archetypes, she embodies an ever-expanding capacity. She does not answer to a man, or a rule, or a religion. She serves love.

Bodysuit: DIANA COUTURE by Diana M Putri @dianamputri
Cropped Jacket: Charles and Ron @charlesandron

High-Neck Zip-Up Collar: Morfium @morfiumfashion
Earrings: VERONICA THARMALINGAM @veronicatharmalingam
Tight Leggings: Les Belles @lesbelles.co
Boots: Jonak @jonak

Dress: Temraza @temraza
Earrings: FROU YORK @frouyork
Gloves: Adolfo Sanchez @asanchezfashion
Boots: JONAK @jonak

Crew Member Credits:
Cover Model Julia Sophia Ryu
Creative Director: Iryna Voskerician @irynavoskerician for @redhotmonde.mag
Photography: Reinhardt Kenneth ( @reinhardtkenneth )
Fashion Stylist: Michelle Wu ( @michellewustyle )
Lighting Director: Hugo Arvizu ( @arvizu_arts )
Digitech: Dilpreet Shah ( @dilpreeeeeeet )
Photographer’s Assistant: Pranav Mehta ( @shotbypranavmehta )
Makeup Artist: Katya Rich @katya.rich.makeup
Photoshoot Coordinator Melanie Starr @themelaniestarr