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Photographer: Erfan Haghi


Little Spark

Photographer: Danial Fischer

Little Spark2021-01-14T08:46:08+00:00

The Unique Ajouré Blouse

Photographer: Vlad Alexeenko

The Unique Ajouré Blouse2021-01-14T08:49:45+00:00

Graciela Ayala

#NotYourTypicalBlogger Graciela Ayala! Graciela, your name stands out by #NotYourTypicalBlogger hashtag. Please tell us in more detail – what makes you so unique? Well, I am not the typical lifestyle or fashion blogger, I started my blog as an activist when I was very young, I love fashion, but I also speak about wellness,

Graciela Ayala2020-10-16T10:42:42+00:00

Red Hot Monde October Cover Story

White Point Royal Palms Beach, with its colorful history, was chosen as the shooting location for Red Hot Monde October cover story.. The coast was discovered by Spanish explorers around 1770. Later, with the discovery of geothermal sulfur hot springs, this area was developed as a resort. The White Point Hot Spring Hotel,

Red Hot Monde October Cover Story2021-01-12T02:16:27+00:00

10 Spanish Albums from 2020 You Should be Listening to

10 Spanish Albums from 2020 You Should be Listening to by Seigar. This is your ultimate guide to the Spanish Music Acts. The list brings some underground and alternative artists to prove that the music scene in Spain is going through a very inventive and shining moment. 1. Sanación by María José Llergo (https://www.instagram.com/p/B7UFQ4eqmWL/?igshid=1lto2xcvcnnf9)

10 Spanish Albums from 2020 You Should be Listening to2020-10-16T09:49:03+00:00

My Plastic People

This set belongs to my most personal, serious, and ambitious project so far. I try to give dignity and humanity to the plastic people around the world. As a street and travel photographer, I have had the chance to take photos of shop windows in many cities, and there I have found the inspiration for

My Plastic People2020-10-05T14:46:29+00:00

The Nomad in Couture

I was born in raised in a paradise that is San Francisco and I attribute much of my success to being born there. I was surrounded by all kinds of well-established cultures, subcultures, social movements, and of course unbeatable nature. It’s a strange town and I’m so grateful for that. I was raised by a

The Nomad in Couture2020-08-04T13:02:58+00:00

Paris Haute Couture/La Metamorphose in Chateau Royal d’Amboise

The new collection of La Métamorphose explores the hidden and mysterious nature of women and is inspired by the "Balsamic moon"- this suspended moment in the moon cycle which corresponds to the "Dreamtime". It is synonymous with the Origin of the World in the culture of the Australian aborigines. The "Balsamic Moon" is the moon

Paris Haute Couture/La Metamorphose in Chateau Royal d’Amboise2021-01-12T02:14:31+00:00

Welcome to the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse!

Welcome to the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse! Barbie® Opens the Doors to Her Iconic Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse on Airbnb. Located in the heart of Malibu and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the fabulous life-size Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse will be available to book by one guest and up to three friends for a two-night stay. With

Welcome to the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse!2020-07-21T05:25:39+00:00